It’s so easy to fall into just being “comfortable.”  You know what that means.  Getting up to the alarm, getting to work, doing the job, getting home, cooking dinner, vegetating on the lounge watching mindless rubbish on television, going to bed and doing it all again the next day.  You can be on auto-pilot and do this for years.  However the result for me sticking to being “comfortable”, was being totally dissatisfied.  Mundane, boring routine, does not give me what I need out of life.  I am a Creative.  I have a creative brain, I am a doer and a dreamer.  I always have something going on in my head, things I want to see, things I want to do, places I want to see.  Working 9-5 really just doesn’t suit me at all.  As it hinders the doing, and it seems to just be dreaming if I am not making an effort to work on things either side of the day job.

For 10 years I worked from home, I had a lavish lifestyle, I earned a shit tonne of money, around $8000 a month, and I wasn’t really working hard, I could have doubled that easy if I had have put in the effort, I was only working around 15-20 hours a week.  I was home during the day, was around on school holidays and worked a few nights.  I was in the direct selling industry, I was a party planner, selling product in peoples homes, the real money came from building a team and mentoring them in their own businesses.  I then made money from what they sold.  I had drive, I had dreams and goals and a plan and it worked really well, until it didn’t.

Life happened, I went through loads of crappy things, I was in an unhappy marriage and we divorced.  My mum had passed away a few years before the divorce and as I was a single mum and lacked a good family support system, my mental health suffered.  Being on my own and wanting to purchase a home for myself and my children was difficult.  I was self employed and even though I was earning really good money, the banks wouldn’t give me a home load.  The only thing I could see that I could do was to work for someone else, I decided that I needed a real job!  WHAAT? I hear you say.  I know, I am cringing too, I can actually hear you say it from here.  The money I was on was far better than anything I could earn in a 9-5 job, particularly as I have no college degree.  You know what, I only realised once I had burned my bridges with the company I worked for and was stuck in a horrible soul sucking job earning a 1/4 of what I was on before.  With no chance at all of advancing in the business or improving my earnings.  I wasn’t earning enough to get a home loan on my own and the banks still wouldn’t lend me any money for a home loan.

My mental health suffered further.  I stopped creating, I stopped dreaming and I slumped into a deep depression.  Times were very bleak.  I was broke, working in a job I hated, I was in abusive relationships as I didn’t respect myself enough to demand anything different.  I couldn’t see a way out.  It took a long time for me to see what made me happy and what I needed to do to make myself happy again.

Identifying the time in my life where I was happiest and the things I was doing really helped me find my purpose again.  Bit by bit, day by day, week by week.  I rebuilt myself and my life again.  You know what I realised though?  I am really good at motivating others.  Helping them see what they need to do, helping others do better.  It’s so much harder to do that for myself.  It was however, how I did help myself.  I looked at myself through someone else’s eyes, looked at myself like I was someone else, so I could see how I would advise me if I was a friend.  That’s how I was able to identify what I needed to do.  I wrote it down, step by step.  I had a big list and kept ticking things off.  I had to get myself out of my comfort zone, and being uncomfortable, helped me to grow.  The more I ticked off the list, the better I started to feel.  The more productive I was, the more satisfied I felt.

I am good at what I do, I am a good teacher, a clear communicator, an inspiring motivator, and a great leader.  I am happiest when I am serving others, when I have helped someone, it is the most satisfying feeling to me.  If you would like to chat to me about how you are , if you need advice on your own work from home business,  if you are starting out in Party Planning/Direct Selling or MLM, I would love to chat about it, I have great ideas.  I can show you results of techniques I know, that work.  If you would like to learn how to start a blog of your own or you have something else personal you need to chat about, I am a great listener and see things objectively, I’m here.

Stay tuned for my next post, which will be on how to start your own Blog, I have come up with a simple solution for the WAHM (Work at home Mum or Dad) to get themselves set up quickly on line to promote themselves, their business, sell products or start writing their Blog etc.  I did it the hard way over the years and through all my errors and lessons, I have put together a way you can get a Blog/Website up and live in about an hour!  Follow me on FB @thecreativegirl as I will share the next blog post there.

Until next time, XOXO