Are you killing your FB Lives before you even get started?

While it’s perfectly fine to start live streaming with ad-hoc content, if video or live streaming is going to be a major part of your online business or brand, you will also want to take a strategic approach.

I went live into my FB Page today  Melanie Frye aka THE CREATIVE GIRL and we discussed the thing that many people do on their Facebook lives that turns people off from watching them.

We also talked about an amazing structure that you can incorporate into your business that will help you build engagement with your audience while you are doing your FB live, What this means for you is even MORE engagement.  FB will reward you for having engagement, as they see this as you providing valuable content to your audience and will find more people to put your content in front of.​

Pop over to my page to watch the Live if you haven't already seen it, but please download my FREE resource that I have created for you,


IT outlines my FB Live structure, that you can implement into your business ASAP.

You will love the change it will make to how people see you!!!

Also to be notified when I go live again.. I go live every Wednesday night Melbourne Daylight savings time, but I also go live at random times (when I have something important to share) so go over to my page and hit the little bell button on any of my FB live posts, it will then mean every time I go live, you will get a little alert/ notification about it.

This is important to learn, so you can teach your audience to do this in your own FB Business/Fan Page.

I will see you next Wednesday on my FB Fan page and keep an eye out for my Creative MLM Secrets TV You tube Channel where I upload a video every Monday on how to grow your mlm, entrepreneur or online business online/ on social media using marketing tactics and sales funnels.

Creatively yours

Mel Frye

I help Network Marketers build their business on-line getting more leads and sales by giving tonnes of value, with a lot of Tips & Tricks!

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