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What is a Freedom-Preneur?

On my search for living my life Creatively… instead of how everyone else does it, I came across a movement. I met a Tribe of like minded people wanting to live similarly to me. Some want to travel, some want to work from home, some

The 9 most common Foundation mistakes.

Forget about mastering; the Cat's eye, perfectly chiseled cheekbones with wicked contouring, a perfectly pouty bright red lip or the latest Halo eye shadow technique.  Lets face it, the most important part to any makeup look is the foundation.  Even if you are a whizz...

How to be more confident

I haven’t always been this confident. In fact a few years ago I was plagued with depression and doubted everything I did and my existence in this world. I hit rock bottom, a few times. It has taken me a long time and lots of therapy to get to this…

10 Habits of Successful Bloggers

I’m sharing 10 Habits of Successful Bloggers that you and other aspiring bloggers can implement immediately to help you create the best blog possible. Firstly, some cautionary wisdom is needed before diving in. Here’s the truth… Successful blogs just don’t happen...

Bali Freedom Preneur Mastermind 2016

I was fortunate enough to secure a last minute place in the Freedom Preneur Matermind Event held this October 14th-19th in the Karma Kandra Private Beach Resort, Illuwatu, Bali.

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